Walking around Porto you can find yourself in such surprising situations as this one: catching four bridges in one shot. Amazing, isn´t it? Well, here’s the proof:

Porto 4 Bridges in One Shot by Vera Dantas


I took this picture yesterday, taking a morning stroll through Gaia’s margin along the Douro river. At the left you can see, back to front, Infante Bridge (taking people to the center of Porto and Gaia), D. Maria II Bridge (inactive) and São João Bridge (only for trains). To the far right you will see Freixo Bridge. And there’s a curious and interesting detail I included in this panoramic shot. At the left side you can see a tower that was built by engineer Edgar Cardoso to accompany the construction of the São João Bridge. Inaugurated in 1991, it is considered one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, linking with supreme elegance the margins of Gaia and Porto cities.

Even more worth of notice is a built to scale piece of the bridge’s portico you can admire in the land surrounding the building. It’s a structural sculpture that gives you a sense of dimension of this monumental bridge. But there are two more bridges linking the two cities. Come back tomorrow to Porto Envolto to see them too!

Porto São João Bridge section


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